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14th November 2023

Rachel Bowles and her two little helpers, Zachary and Eliza, visit Cavies & Cake Centre in Fakenham

Photography @girlaroundnorthnorfolk

Cavies & Cake is a unique experience for all ages. Diana and Michelle are passionate about their guinea pigs and about sharing the therapeutic benefits of interacting with these animals to everyone, including visiting local care homes.

Our session begins with a drink and a cake of your choice, giving you a chance to relax into the setting and perhaps complete some colouring or craft activities. Once the refreshments are cleared away, it is time to meet the guinea pigs. Annie, Brenda and Gingey were chosen for us. Diana placed them on the table with food and brushes for grooming, explained everything we needed to know and left us to get to know our new furry friends. 

The owners have a wide selection of different guinea pigs, and all are trained to respond with the interactions. Zachary and Eliza loved using the brushes to groom their fur gently and feed them with the grass and vegetables provided on the table.

As the session continues, Diana or Michelle supervises cuddling and lap petting for those who want it. Again, the guinea pigs are carefully trained to stay on their mats and it’s a wonderful, relaxed environment; they were happy to be swapped between Zachary and Eliza to allow them both to have a turn. Zachary and Eliza have no experience of owning a pet, but this was a great taster and they really enjoyed getting to know them and learning about their characters.

The sessions run for 90-minutes, and this includes your own private room, a cake, drink, activity, feeding, grooming and, of course, cuddles with the guinea pigs. The cost is £7.50 per person, and themed crafts during the holidays are an optional £3.75 extra, payable on the day. These sessions are extremely popular, so we do advise booking in advance.

Details correct at the time of going to press, but may be subject to change.   


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