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Make a wish

4th March 2021

Alison Huntley asks some of our favourite interior design specialists what’s on their wish list for 2021

This last year saw many of us giving a lot more thought to the look and practicality of our homes. But will it change what we want from our four walls?

Jo Griffiths, Joyful Living

My wish for 2021 is to see a reduction in mass market interior products and an increase in smaller scale, artisan products that are ethically produced. 

As a buyer, I am focusing my efforts far more on UK makers and I’m also purchasing more from skilled artisans in countries such as India and in Africa.

We have sourced some incredible items during 2020 such as African baskets made by a female co-operative and woollen rugs produced in India with a guarantee of fair wages and high standards of work practices which is so important.

I would also love to see more British manufacturing and more promotion and support of not only British products on the high street but an appreciation for quality, durability and longevity over cost.

Joyful Living, Drove Orchards, Thornham

Tom Clarke, The Old Stores

We were all pleased to see the end of 2020 and hoped for a new dawn in 2021. It’s not quite worked out as planned but a move towards bright, uplifting colours surely has to lift the soul. I have always been a fan of colour and even the most traditional of fabric companies are realising that we want more of it in our lives.

We have spent so much time in our homes over the last year it will be amazing to spend more time outdoors again and the gorgeous outdoor fabrics will come into their own.

The Old Stores, Roydon

Alessia Battistini, Arcadia Home & Living

I would love to see a trend in organic design take off next year.  I espouse the concept of biophilia, which increases the clients’ connection with the natural environment through the use of organic materials from wood and stone to organic fabrics. This also supports sustainable and environmentally friendly design.

Organic materials have such an interesting and diverse range of textures. I love using tone-on-tone and playing with tactile materials. Being a fan of plants, I would love the urban jungle trend to carry on. Lush greenery is soothing, creates interest and complements any home.

Arcadia Home & Living, Fakenham

Nanci Gillett, Burnham Interiors

I would like the concept of a healthy lifestyle continuing to inform and improve our surroundings, making the most of natural light and plants and using natural materials such as rattan and wood.

I also see interior vertical gardens becoming more fashionable. The use of transparent decorative elements allows you to create an atmosphere of lightness, visually expanding your living space.

Muted shades of indigo and green will be the main colours for our interiors; their unpretentious simplicity and calmness combined with shades of dusty roses brings us back to nature.

Burnham Interiors, Burnham Market

Sophie Allsopp, Sophie & Boo

My wish list would include more individual furniture and decorations from smaller British producers. 

I am always on the look out for hand-made, unusual items to use in projects and what 2020 has highlighted is how important it is to support our local crafts people.

Style-wise, natural textures and warmer neutrals are on our mood boards. Layers of texture are needed to create this look so finding hand-finished pieces helps us to achieve it.

Sophie & Boo,